The Iron Lady

Frist of all this isn’t another film review, it’s just me giving my own opinion of the movie. So, I saw The Iron Lady a couple of weeks ago, I must say that firstly I had no clue what I was about to see.

The film was biographical, based on Margaret Thatcher life as a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I love the fact that it shows an intimate portrait of Margaret Thatcher and not just from the political view; the film has a great balance when it comes to main story (Margaret Thatcher being prime minister), the story before she became prime minister and her life after being prime minister; to me was like watching a woman going mad and apparently there’s a whole stigma surrounding the mental illness thing, I have no clue if she actually has dementia and to be honest according with my little research so little is known about her current state, so the way they portrayed her as a woman going for dementia may be over the top. Maybe it would have been much better if they had just kept the movie historical.

I found curious that Margaret Thatcher role was done by a non-British actress, anyway Meryl Streep performance was outstanding played with cunning and gusto as usual.

I enjoyed the movie though; woke up my interest about some past event, the dispute for the Falklands Islands, the Brighton hotel bombing where Margaret Thatcher was the target; well eventually I ended up reading a bit more about Margaret Thatcher I wasn’t even born when all that happened anyway there’s no excuse not to know.

Give it ago to this film.


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