Kony 2012

At this point I assume that you all know what Kony 2012 is about and if you don’t feel free to check out Kony 2012 video on youtube.

Basically the video is a short film; a campaign started by a controversial activist group called Invisible Children. The video features Joseph Kony the head of the rebel group called L.R.A. (Lord’s Resistance Army) who has been accused of ordering the abduction of children to become child-sex slaves and child soldiers, for these and other atrocities Kony was indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court in The Hague, but until now he has evaded capture.

According to the video he has around 30000 child soldiers in Uganda.

Frist thing, the gold of the campaign is to stop Joseph Kony, which I think is something that everybody will agree.

Second, Why is Invisible Children so controversial?, on 2011 Invisible Children expended $8,676,614 on activist group expenses and only 32% of that money went to direct charity services in Africa around $ 2,810,681 maybe even less because Invisible Children’s also support the Ugandan Army and The Sudan People Liberation Army; meaning that all “32%” goes to them before going to charity.

Another important thing to pay attention, is that the Ugandan Army was accused of rape and looting according to a report from the UN. In 2005 the UN children agency estimated that The Sudan People Liberation Army had discharged 20000 child soldiers and after the civil war only 900 were left. So the organizations that Invisible Children support, had child soldier which is something that Invisible Children is fighting against, isn’t that ironic?; what is even worse is that  right now the UN can’t confirm that the S.P.L.A. is child soldier free, so they may still have child soldiers.

It is something to be concern; how much of your money is actually going to the children in Africa?. Be aware that Invisible Children refuses to have an auditing committed to analyze their expenses and incoming.

I cannot deny that thanks to this video this issue has gain a lot on attention and clearly a lot of people now know about the issue and there’s no denial that horrible things has occurred in Africa, but the film doesn’t mention that Kony hasn’t been in Uganda for years (for 6 years If I am not wrong), so why is this video being pull up now?. Actually most people in Uganda think that Kony is dead.

To me Kony 2012 is propaganda at its best, a good trending topic and honestly I think that this campaign is leading to something else. Why a US military intervention now?, specifically in Uganda where the LRA has been inactive since 2006.

You know what’s on Uganda right now? Oil resources, largest that does on Saudi Arabia.

Another crazy stuff is that Jason Russell (director of Invisible Children) was caught naked screaming (and according to the news) masturbating in public; the activist group claims that this behavior was provoke by stress do to the release of the Kony 2012 video.

If you are interest in donating money to a good cause, if you want to help out African Children, find a reliable organization, search and investigate first, there is a web site call Charity Navigator,  this web has charity information ratings that enabled millions of donors to access relevant information before they make a donation.

I don’t want you to believe blindly what I think of this; I invite you to do a little research; I invite you to question everything.

I support (like anybody out there with some sense of compassion) taking down Joseph Kony, what I do not support is Invisible Children.

What do you think about Kony 2012?.


Invisible Children Financial: Click
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P.S. Does it worth to spend money that supposed to go to charity on videos like this one: Invisible Children A Musical To Believe in!?

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