The Avengers

If you are a fan of super heroes I bet you’re going to see this one no matter what. I was going to see the movie at some point that’s for sure, but I went on the 27th of April as an exception (I bloody hate going to the movies on a premiere, too much people and you have to make a line for everything) because I wanted to see Tony Stark, I really like him, do I?.

The movie in general was entertaining, thrilling script, a good thing was that follows a bit of the story of the previous marvel movies, Captain America’s struggle to adjust in the modern world, Thor’s guilt about his brother, Hulk’s fear of his own power, well that isn’t new, isn’t it?; and Iron Man’s dealing and increasing his ego, I guess.

I know is not a big deal, but I didn’t like the fact that Hulk wasn’t performed by one of the two previous Hulks, but Mark R. did a really clean and nice performance.

It was nice to see the balance of the actions sequences and the characters; they didn’t focus more in one superhero.

Can somebody explain me what on earth is Black Widow doing on the actions sequences?. I don’t get it, what harm can she do with two single guns to a whatever the hell were does things they were fighting?. This makes me remember Wrath of the Titans, Andromeda was a mortal, what was she thinking when she decide to raise her sword to Ares?, anyway back to the avengers.

My biggest fear with this movie was “too many superheroes”, I thought maybe it will be like a soup with too many ingredients that ends up tasting not so good;  the trick with The Avengers was to satisfy each superhero’s fan base while simultaneously divvying out each hero’s scenes in equal portions.

To be honest I enjoyed the movie and I’ll see it again, give it a go, would you?.

One Response to “The Avengers”
  1. Dante says:

    I thought the same thing, too many superheroes will end up in a mess, but it didn’t!. Great movie!

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