A Beautiful Death

Flowers, immortalized in songs and poetry for centuries; they are often cut to be give away to somebody else, as a gift I say, or to emend a fool’s mistake, then they will be displayed in some place as a beautiful misunderstood beautification; cut flowers are sentence to death, that’s for sure, I say, and opposite to humans when they are cut off they don’t bleed and grieve to death, they save energy on their stem to prevail, deferring their last standing breath but of course that is just postponing their inevitable end.  

I wrote this because I disagree with this nonsense of sending flowers, poor little things they’re so fragile; people should avoid getting flowers off the ground, those bloody bastard. Giving flowers should be something rare and divine for some truly special occasions, apparently nowadays special is everything and that is just another way to say that nothing it is; maybe if flowers  were really expensive people will think twice when they bought them.

And to be clear, I’m not just some granola kid who seems to be in love with flowers and bloody butterflies, to me it’s just logic and to be honest I prefer to see them in a field and not in a jar on my living room.


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