Game Of Thrones: The Prince of Winterfell S02E08

The episode started with Theon awaiting for his sister at the gates of Winterfell feeling brave, almost as a conqueror, but all his fake glory fades away when his sister and her men passed next to him riding looking for everything but to talk to Theon; while they’re having a feast Theon confronts his sister about her doesn’t being proud of his achievement and as a response to that she pointed out how stupid and weak he was by butchering a cripple and a six year old, the Stark kids were more valuable alive.

Back to Jon Snow and Ygritte, they reach Ygritte people with Jon as a prisoner, one of the wildling wants to cut Jon in a half but to pay her debt to him Ygritte pointed out, Jon Snow is Ned Stark bastard son and apparently a wildling call Mance will be the one deciding Jon’s fate,   another man from the night’s watch is being held as a prisoner, Jon’s finds out his crew were looking for him after he despaired and they are all death.

Robb and this nurse (I can’t recall her name) had a small talk about how he’s promise to marriage a woman he has never met and why even when his father is death he can go home until the Lannisters are defeated.

Lady Stark, I always hated her because she hates Jon Snow even when she knows is not his fault, Ned betrayed her with another woman; now I hate her even more because she left Jaime Lannister go with Brienne as a promise exchange for her daughters; – Oh my lord, really?, is she really thinking they are going to exchange Sansa just like that? and just to inform you Lady Stark they don’t have Arya, I guess is something she’ll find out soon, any way she did this behind Robb’s back and he had to arrest his own mother, that was a good one.

Lord Tywin and his council are wondering if Cersi and the children should ride west to safety before Stannis Baratheon gets to Kings Landing and if they should march against Robb Stark.

Ayra as usual is very clever; she had managed herself and her friends to find a way to scape form Castley Rock with Jaqen H’ghar helps of course.

Cersi and Tyrion always playing who hurts who and how, this time Cersi thinks she has Tyrion whore and swore to kill her if something happen to his beloved Jeoffry, Tyron plays his part well making her believe she finally got him. – I’m not sure if he planned this (giving this whore a Lion Lannister necklace) or somebody else made him a favor, because he was quite relieved to see Shae was fine. –  

Daenarys keeps looking her dragons while arguing with Jorah as usual, all this season she’s been acting like a spoiled child treating everybody and having nothing to offer.

Bran, Rickon, Hodor and Osha are hiding in the graves down in winterfell, under the very noses of Theon Greyjoy.

Only two weeks left, maybe next episode will show us the great war of kings.

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