It’s a pseudo-historical drama based on the not so famous Oxfordian theory of Shakespeare authorship, which proposes that Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford (1550–1604), wrote the plays and poems traditionally attributed to Shakespeare.

The movie takes place during the succession of Queen Elizabeth I, she is old and hasn’t name an heir yet, her ministers William and Robert Cecil schemes to put Scotland’s James VI on the English throne but unfortunately for them, Elizabeth has several illegitimate sons, including Robert Devereaux with a more direct claim to the throne.

Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, who as a young man was romantically, involved with Elizabeth and sires – unknown to him – an illegitimate son who’s Robert Devereaux, Earl of Southampton.

De Vere is a prodigious genius, writing at eight years of age, he became a brilliant playwright and poet, but afraid to publish his own work, being the author of a play with politically and satirical material was treacherous, so he struggle against a taboo that would forbid him to write, beside that William Cecil is convinced that theatres are sinful. Edward decides to employ his secretly written plays for the promotion of the Earl of Essex’s cause, he delegates credit to a playwright named Ben Jonson; Jonson is unhappy about it assuming that the play will be an amateurish effort that will tarnish his name, so he doesn’t claim authorship; that’s when an actor Will Shakespeare do it instead of him.

This is a sensational movie, I loved it!. It was interesting to see how they delve into the question to who the author of Shakespeare’s plays really was. They used the Oxfordian theory of Shakespeare authorship to develop a fictional story, entertaining one I must say with a kind of nasty twist that I didn’t see coming, but I enjoyed the movie though.

I know many people out there are extremely defensive and say there is no room for doubt that William Shakespeare is the legit author; but honestly none of us can be 100% sure of that and probably we’ll ever know, keep an open mind towards this movie and give it a go, it doesn’t matter if you prefer to believe if it was Shakespeare or De Vere, even somebody else.

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