Where are my keys?

I don’t know how is it call when you constantly feel the need to check if you have your keys, phone, wallet or something else you might consider you need to know is right where you put it. I’m certain there is a psychological explanation for that.

Well, I do this, so every time I go out I tend to put my keys on my right pocket, my money and ID on my left pocket and my phone on the left pocket of my jacket and several times I performed this ritual where I tap with my hand my pockets to check if my things are there, mostly my jacket pocket, then my pants right pocket and left pocket, more like a ritual is like a little dance :/.

Sometimes when I’m using my phone I accidentally put it anywhere else but my jacket or when I’m paying something I may put my money and ID on my jacket, so next time I check if my things are where they supposed be, I kind of freak out a bit and start taping with my hand in the calmest way every pocket I have, the same thing happen when I using a purse or a bag, I tend to designate a special place for some of my items and from time to time I check if they are where I left them.

This isn’t the craziest thing and I`m sure many people do something similar, but sometimes I think It might be a little paranoid; I mean if you bag is been close since you put everything there or since you’re last check; why we feel the need to look inside to check again?.

Do you do something similar?.

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