Green Lantern or Pink Lantern? Who cares!

A few days ago a friend told me that DC Comics Green Lantern superhero happen to be gay. I don’t question the character identity; I mean he can go to the bottom of the ocean with aquaman if he pleases; he can become Pink Lantern if he chooses.  What I find quite confusing is why now?, after all this time is kind of weird. Green Lantern first appearance was on 1936.

Is like, a kid who thinks he’s been eating chicken since he has memory and when he’s 70 years old his mother reveals to him, that he was actually eating rabbit.

If superheroes can change or have new enemies, powers, outfits etc… they can change their sexual orientation too, I guess.

What If awkward is that lately, many tv shows, movies, books etc, are introducing dramatically homosexual character and I might exaggerate with this but sometimes those drastic changes can kill a bit the character to you, especially when the show you’re watching is based on a novel and they add characteristics the character didn’t have before.

I don’t want to go deep on this issue, but I think it has to be with marketing among other things. I think the point here is that being gay isn’t supposed to be a defining characteristic of a person, this is an exercise in acceptance of people no matter their sexual orientation, after all why shouldn’t there be gay superheroes?. If they want a gay character, all right then, fine, make one but don’t mess with ones that are already set.

Here is an example: I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes and recently I decided to watch, Sherlock (TV Show 2010), It is quite good though, but they pointed out that Sherlock is gay and Irene Adler is a lesbian. What on earth is that?. Jesus!, bloody hell. Come on, I like the characters as they were, Sherlock married to his work but always delighted to have Adler around (he likes to be indifferent, but he likes her a lot) and Irene Adler she’s inlove with him. I don’t see the necessity of turning them gay.


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