Doctor Who

I’ve seen a few random Doctor Who episodes in the past, but last month I decided to start to watch the show from the beginning. So even though Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction show on tv; if you are a new fan this is a bit of what you need to know and from where you can start watching the show.

Doctor who started on 1963, portrays the adventures of a Time Lord humanoid / alien known as The Doctor who travels through time and space on a ship disguised as a British police telephone box called TARDIS.

What does the doctor do?.

He faces a numerous of foes through his journeys, always working to save civilizations. Every place he travels, there is something going on, even when the destination is chosen with no particular interest, just to show their companion something different to the world they know.

The Doctor

Something you must know is The Doctor regenerate himself into a whole new person, so at some point of the show he’ll take a new body as long with a new personality; so far the doctor has been played by eleven different actors.

A particularity of The Doctor is, it does not matter what situation he’s in, he is always optimistic and above everything else he is a pacifist, he is always willing to talk his way out of trouble, unlike other fiction heroes who always are shooting everything on their way. The Doctor is always looking a happy ending for everybody involve whenever is possible.

So, in a few words Doctor Who, is a well-written science fiction show, that takes it chances to be scary, funny and do it best to be entertaining.

Where to start?

As I said before the show stared on 1963 to 1989, on 1996 they attempted to continue but the pilot failed. They revival of the series started on the 2005 and so far they have been doing well, apparently the shows gets better and better. So, I’ll suggest you to start from there, but some people out there also recommend starting from the 2010 season, but that will be up to you.

I just started to watch the second season from 2006.  I’m looking forward to see the 2010 season with Matt Smith because according to reviews; it seems to be the best the show’s ever been.



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