Commercials at Movie Theatres

I hate commercial ads at movie theaters, I find it offensive to pay for a ticket and then have to sit through an endless string of commercials, it degrades the movie going experience, is even worse if you pay for a premium ticket.

I really find it excruciating, do they have to be so long?, why are there so many?.

If I want to watch commercials, I can stay at home and watch TV and believe me on does few occasions when I watch TV, commercial is something I avoid.

Right now I have two options, I watch movies at home, which is quite lovely but when the movie is quite new and I really want to see it, I go to premium theatres and normally I show up 20 minutes later, I arrive when they are showing movie trailers or when they are about to show them.

What do you think about this?.

3 Responses to “Commercials at Movie Theatres”
  1. Athos says:

    Well, i almost entirely agree with you. Because the time frame for commercials is really more than unbearable for individuals that really want to see the movie. Those who had been waiting long for the premiere, one could say that having to go through such an increased percent of commercials (with little quantity of trailers) can certaintly “kill the mood”.

    Although, i consider that cinema, being a direct mass media, is the easiest way to get to the audience and show your product. So i kind of understand why they do it, i can’t help but complain about it too but in the end i just go through it. If there were an alternative option i’ll totally go for it and avoid theather commercials.

  2. Scoty says:

    I’m not alone in this world. That’s the same reason why now, I avoid going to the cinema. Another alternative could be 3D movies. What about that?.

    • That’s another alternative, you’re right but soon or later small and medium-sized businesses will start making 3D commercials, so how long until they become regular ads on 3D movies?.

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