Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Another sequel ah?. Good.

Alex and his companions leave Africa to find the penguins and chimps who left to Monte Carlo promising to be back to give them a lift to New York but they never did. As usual their attempt to be invisible through their journey to Monte Carlo fails, so they ended up with animal control on their tails.

After a magnificent scape leaded by the penguins of course, they join the circus and they journey to America begins. They will experience new adventures involving interesting characters.

Their new foe is crazy / taxidermist Captain DuBois, who seems to be evil and rough especially because her gold is to have Alex’s head on her wall, but don’t worry she’s goofy enough that she will not scare very young children.

The circus seems to be psychedelic, but is entertaining; it looks like a version of Cirque du Soleil done by animals.

What I love of Madagascar movies is that it has a classic cartoon style, the animals wear no clothing and they don’t speak to humans.

In this movie the animals finally will learn what it means to be home.

To me the second film is the best, but if you liked the first two you will not be disappointed. Everybody will enjoy this movie from very young children to adults.

I was delighted to see King Julien and the Penguins one more time <3.

And one piece of advice, never trust a plain build by penguins and monkeys.

Conversation between Alex and Stefan (sea lion):

  • Stefano: Come along, Alice
  • Alex: Thanks but, it’s Alex. IX. You know, like New York Nicks?
  • Stefano: Si, I know. Niss. Not a hard thing to say!

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