The Man Who Counted

This is a math story book about a herd man’s travel to Baghdad and how he solved common problems by math; when it comes to math he has special skills, he can count out all the leaves of a tree for example; he is also a peaceful and impervious person specially when he’s facing insults.

Beside other characteristics the story teaches us to be respectful and kind to others because you never know who the mentor is before you succeed and it encourage us to keep reading, learning, the more we learn, the more we know.

What a surprise!, I hate math but this book was fantastic, I loved it. I must say it isn’t too complex when it comes to math calculations but it was really interesting. I would recommend it even if math isn’t or was your favorite subject. Give it a go read at least one of the short predicaments that “the man who counted” had to face through is journey.

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