The Little Prince / Le Petit Prince

This is a classic and my favorite book so far. I you haven’t read The Little Prince, you should!.

According with the vision of the little prince, is true that as we grow older we learn, we gain experience in every possible way, we become in command of our desires but apparently we lose the ability to take in the world in full, we limit our sense and imagination, we become incapable of seeing some things for what they truly are.

Kids absorb everything they see and they get excited about it, while grown-ups choose what to absorb and sometimes choose not to pay attention because it seems to be something they already have seen, done or simple something that doesn’t interest them.

As is pointed out in the book, if someone describes a house to a grownup, surely might be interest in knowing how much it cost, to finally picture how beautiful the house is.

I had the opportunity to read this book, in English, Italian, French and Spanish and there is something important to point out; in the original French version of the book, the term “adults” is never use to describe does uncomprehending grown up people, the terms used is les grandes personnes so the important thing is; that it isn’t about being an adult, it isn’t about how old you are, is about the attitude, is about the way you look at the world.

A funny thing is that we will never know and we don’t need to know how old the little prince was, what it really matters is everything else we know about him.

This book captures the creativity of childhood and teaches us a few lessons; let’s not lose our childhood luxury.

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