The Birthday Of The Infanta – Oscar Wilde

This is a short story written by Oscar Wilde, one of his fantastic and meaningful fairytales.

The story takes place in the Spanish Kingdom and it is the twelfth birthday of the young princess Infanta. The whole kingdom is prepared to celebrate her special day, everybody prepared a special show including a performance by a dwarf; everybody find him monstrous but the princess, everybody laugh and mock but he believes this is the reaction for his amazing dancing. The princess was so amused that reward him with a white rose that he treasures as a gift of her love.

The dwarf thought he was inlove with the princess and decided to go to the palace to find here, he makes his way through the palace garden, all the beautiful flowers in the garden were disgusted by the dwarf appearance only the birds and lizards were able to see his real inner beauty; when he finally gets into the palace, he was shocked to find a horrendous monster that happens to be his actual reflection.

After some unfortunate events the dwarf is laying in the floor, the princess want him to keep dancing at all cost, she doesn’t understand why his not waking up. The princess’s uncle tells her the dwarf is not going to wake up because his dead, he died of a broken heart.

For the future let those who come to play with me have no hearts, she said.

This story shows the severe treatment of those who are not seen as being worth respect, it demonstrates how rude and ignorant people are to others that don’t fit on what society has set as a standard of what is beautiful and what is not, among other things, even when they have all the qualities society consider to make a good and kind person.

My favorite part of the story, were the finals words of the young princess, I wasn’t expecting that at all, got me by surprise and it shown me how evil she was, she was only interest  in her own entertainment.

Give it a go to this short story, worth the read.

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