Worst Superheroes

Everybody knows all the good superheroes, but what about the other guys, the “not so popular”. There are so many, but I choose a few and believe me I have no clue why they were actually created. No everything in the superheroes world is cool.

Matter-Eater Lad

Whenever you decide to complain about your name, think about this guy before doing that. His power is, he can eat any substance; actually he can eat everything but his enemies, he’s not into cannibalism. This is a ridiculous power, I mean “super eating”, I hope his able to do it fast, imagine he’s trapped on a seal vault, he of course is going to eat his way out – Ok, guys this can take a while, any one has a fork? -.

Squirrel Girl

She has some mutant power to communicate with squirrels. I’ll say no more.

Madame Fatal

She may look like a granny but she’s actually an athletic man; that makes her/him a transvestite superhero, maybe she was Mrs. Doubtfire favorite superhero.

Dog Welder

He is a madman that basically just goes around welding stray dogs to villains’ faces. What kind of power is that?. That animal abuse, that’s what it is.

The Red Bee

He fought crime with the aid of a trained bumble bee named Michael. I thought bees die once they use their stingers, so Michael wasn’t going to last and what about if villains weren’t allergic to bees, too bad for Michael.


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