Coraline – Neil Gaiman

Coraline’s new flat has a small door in the drawing room, she wants to know what’s behind and when she finally opens it, she goes through a passageway that will lead her to a flat exactly like her own but at the same time things are different in a cooler way; in this alternative world his mother and father are interesting and nicer, perhaps the only strange this is that everybody in this world has buttons eyes.

Is this a Children’s book?. If it is I’ll say that should be for middle school kids, the story is a little dark, definitively not a pink princess story and the illustrations was a bit eerie, even though Coraline is a story that will open your imagination.

It is a common thing between kids to find themselves at some point with that feeling of dullness, wondering if they could have a different life or if they could do something awesome, dreaming how lovely will be if their parents where the coolest persons on earth; well Coraline thought the same and she had the opportunity to experience it.

This read let us see that sometimes the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and as many kids tales, reminds us again that we never know what we really have until we lose it.

I’m not entirely sure why but while I was reading the book, I thought of Alice In Wonderland; this time we don’t have a rabbit hole but we’ve a door, that leads to a distorted world and we also have a wise cat that loves to express himself through riddles. I’m not saying is the same thing, but to me started just like Alice.

I didn’t love the story but it was entertaining and is a light read.

One thing, I never found out, how the other mother came to be.

2 Responses to “Coraline – Neil Gaiman”
  1. Cassie says:

    I really like that you thought it was similar to Alice in Wonderland because I saw the movie before reading the book and had a really similar take. It was like the dark twisted version of Alice falling down the hole. I’d rather deal with the Queen of Hearts I think than some step-mother who wants to sew buttons on my eyes.

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