Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Oskar Schell is a 11 year old boy whose father is killed during the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, a year after he finds an envelope marked “Black” on his dad’s effects. Inside the envelope there’s a key, a key that unlocks something and that’s Oscar’s quest, to discover what it unlocks.

I saw this movie on March 2012 and I knew it was somehow related to 9/11. Normally 9/11 movies are from the terrorist angle, but this one is really different.

Oskar is constantly analyzing whatever he observes, to him everything has to make sense; he always need concrete answers and justifications. He tried to make sense of the senseless circumstances that killed his father; his dad meant the world to him and now that he’s gone, Oskar finds what he thinks is a way to feel connected to his father again so he pursues the mystery behind the key as one of his father reconnaissance mission.

Probably the only substantial long term human interaction Oskar had was with his father, now through his journey he’ll be force to interact with other people that inadvertently will help him to deal with feelings of guilt, grief and fear.

And this whole adventure it turns out to be the key to Oskar reconnect with his mother. I was pleased with the scene when he is talking to his mother and she tells him she is always been with him.

This film is about finding meaning. Maybe as human beings we always need to find meaning in all does senseless event on our lives, even when we can’t arise to a firm understanding.

By the way, Thomas H. did an amazing job performing Oskar Shell, a really stubborn unsympathetic kid.

I haven’t read the book, so I have no clue how well the movie adaptation is compared to the book. Does it changed to much?. Does it worth to read the book?.

2 Responses to “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”
  1. Dante says:

    Good review. You must read the book, is a bit different and definitely worth the read. If you read it do a review on the book, I’ll like to see what you have to say. I like your blog, I use blogspot and can’t log in to leave comments.
    Keep writing!.

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