Portrait Of A Killer (Jack The Ripper) – Patricia Cornwell

Between August and November 1888, at least six women were murdered in London’s Whitechapel area. The gruesome nature of their deaths caused panic and fear in the East End for months, and gave rise to the sobriquet that was to become shorthand for a serial killer – Jack the Ripper.

I’ve read Portrait of a Killer Jack the Ripper (Case Closed) by Patricia Cornwell two times, I always been intrigued by this frigid case. Everybody wants to solve the mystery, who was Jack the Ripper?.

On Patricia Cornwell’s book, she theorized Jack the Ripper was Walter Sickert a famous artist, who was believed to have a congenital anomaly of his penis that made intercourse impossible; this was alleged to be the motive of his horrific murders during the 19th century.

She presents a good case filled with supposed forensic evidence, she used technology to her advantage to isolate mistakes missed before; DNA fingerprinting was of course one of the most important facts.

It’s been over a hundred years and the book gives you a deep look into the case, it is so well detailed that gives you the impression she was actually there when the murders were going on. This cold case brings new looks and new suspect all the time, Walter Sickert wasn’t the only suspect, in fact on other theories he isn’t even mention at all. Theories have pointed the finger at royalty, a barber, a doctor, even a woman.

But the truth about Jack The Ripper is that we don’t have a clue and nor will we ever, this case will remain as one of the greatest unsolved.

I recommend the book, it’s entertaining it will keep you impatient to finish.

4 Responses to “Portrait Of A Killer (Jack The Ripper) – Patricia Cornwell”
  1. snowbrdr47 says:

    I’m adding this to my “have to read” list of books, it sounds interesting! Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Good! You will love it, trust me .

      I just saw on your site your review on Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief. Does it worth the read?. I really love Greek Mythology, but I saw the movie and didn’t like that all the twist they gave it to all does myths. How different is the movie from the book?.

      • snowbrdr47 says:

        I don’t know much about Greek mythology at all, but I thought it was really interesting to learn about because Riordan talks about it a lot in those books. I saw the movie a couple weeks ago, after I had finished the series, and I hate it! So don’t let that sway you. First, it doesn’t really follow the book at all, I mean, some things are the same, but not most of it. The book is called “The Lightning Thief” and that wasn’t even what the movie was about at all. The book is aimed toward younger readers, but I still enjoyed it. Also, I thought that the books got better over the series as well. I think if you like Greek mythology then you would enjoy it!

      • Ok. I’ll add this book to my to-read list. Thanks a lot 🙂

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