Save The Words

You might don’t know this but every year, words that are no longer used are removed from the Oxford English Dictionary, actually the majority of them have basically disappeared from the English language long before these omissions. But still, why they need to be dropped?.

Whether or not a word is used, it should continue to be documented and defined, even if people have stopped using them, they still exist. Words are part of the history of our language.

According with the site 90% of what we say uses only about 7,000 words.

There are some awesome words on our language that we never use anymore, so far my favorite one:

Perantique.- Very old or ancient.

“Your mom is so perantique, she knew burger king when he was just burger prince”.

A few others I like:

Lubency.- Pleasure, willingness.

Pamphagous.- Eating or consuming everything.

Sevidical.- Speaking cruel and harsh words.

Another one not so lovely: Brephophagist.- One who eats babies. Oh dear, do we really need that word?.

Check out: Save The Words


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