The Amazing Spider-Man

Why rebooting the Spiderman franchise?. I’m not sure.

First this new version isn’t different enough form the first Spider Man movie, even though some scenes are shown slightly different you already know what’s going to happen. Actually, where the film most deviates from the prior movies is the plot that involves the mystery of Peter Parker’s parents.

The film is filled with good performances, Andrew Garfield makes a fine Peter Parker, I loved the fact that this time they accentuate the negative effects of having powers more so than the positive ones and I loved how he made his own webs rather than have inexplicable organs develop inside his body. Emma Stone helped to make a huge change from the damsel in distress that was Mary Jane, luckily Stone doesn’t spend the entire film screaming for help.

I haven’t read the comics, I don’t know if this film was following the original story.  What I can say is there are things of value to be found in this film and even though I found it interesting and entertaining at some points, I reckon there were too many loose ends, dropped tangents and vanishing characters.

Again, I don’t know what was the main reason for this reboot, but this film did everything to distinguish itself from the priors.

What do you think?.


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