Sherlock – TV Show

The classic Sherlock Holmes stories set in a modern-day London?; that’s what I call a huge risk, but as we can see was a really smart move because has been quite successful, I think this  success response to the adaptation of the stories to fit in this setting without losing the original integrity.

This time Watson isn’t a writer, now he’s using a blog to document all their adventures and as usual he’s always there as a competent and loyal ally to help Sherlock, specially with his horrendous social skills; when it comes to Sherlock he is very well performed, and I dare to say, even though I liked Robert D. Junior interpretation of the character, this Sherlock make him look like a total jerk, this “version” of Sherlock to me is more accurate with the character of the original story of Conan Doyle, the only thing I disagree is that they portray him as some kind of a sociopath and that’s a bit far from the bohemian gentleman Doyle introduced to us. Well maybe it is the reflection of how our modern world will see him, anyway.

 The way the story is written is marvelous; it’s interesting, funny and sharp, the show will grab you almost immediately. I think the success is related with the loyalty to the original stories.

Right now, Sherlock has had 2 seasons of 3 episodes each; every episode is about an hour and a half long.

A few things have changed from the originals stories to adapt to our modern world, like now they text each other instead of sending telegrams, they maintain a website and a blog, there is a new character called Molly Hooper that isn’t part from Doyle stories (but it doesn’t interferes with the main plot), and of course now we can actually visualize the famous Sherlock “system” of observation and deduction.

So far I love the show; the only thing I dislike is the modern version of “ProfessorMoriarty, which to me is a complete stupid buffoon.

I plan to review every episode in the upcoming days.

Honestly I think this show efficaciously introduced Sherlock Holmes to a new generation.


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