Ice Age 4 Continental Drift

I am a huge fan of animated movies, even when Ice Age isn’t my favorite I had to see the movie.

Once again we have another latent end of the world for the Ice Age, thanks to Scrat of course. The earth begins to split apart and Manny got separated from his family. The main plot features Manny, Diego, Sid & Sid’s Grandmother embarked on a journey to get back home as they face storms, sea monster & pirates.

I was not expecting it to be really great, the movie while was a bit fun and well-handled, is nothing new at all, to me was much like the other three but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy it, you will be impressed by the graphics and you will eventually laugh.

Ice Age 4 tells a good story about friendship & father/daughter relationship, that’s always a good thing especially to all those young viewers.

This movie to me probably was the weakest in its series so far, but still a fun distraction and that does nothing wrong.

If you decide to go to the cinema, don’t forget to show up early there will be a silent short film called The Longest Daycare featuring Maggie Simpson, right before the main feature.

From all the new character my favorite is Louis.

Did you see movie?. What do you think?.


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