The Last Nazi: Life and Times of Doctor Joseph Mengele – Gerald Astor

I am a very avid reader of history books and biographies and a while ago a friend lent me this book due to my interest on World War II.  It is well known World War II literature is filled with horrendous facts. That’s why I found most accurate the way the author provides facts, showing non emotion upon the subject which is essential in a historian.

This book is full of research over the holocaust in general, but the main subject is Joseph Mengele’s life and his whereabouts in Auschwitz-Birkenau. The writing is engaging and historically accurate; the research includes many eyewitness reports.

Doctor Mengele was responsible for sorting the prisoners after their arrival to Auschwitz, he divided them in two lines, one line to go to the labor camp and the other to the gas chamber and crematoria, among other atrocities he’s well-known for his experiments on dwarves, twins and anyone else with an unique hereditary trait; sadly these experiments generally had no medical value.

The book covered pretty much everything, even his post-war era when he managed to avoid arrest and his final days in South America.

Auschwitz has come to be synonymous with some of the most unbelievable atrocities in history, so do not be surprise; this book does contain some disturbing content that the reader should be aware of, but other than that it moved along well.

I definitely recommend this book to any one interest on World War II and the Holocaust.


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