George’s Secret Key to the Universe – Lucy & Stephen Hawking

The story begins with a young boy named George whose pet pig runs through the fence into his neighbor’s overgrown backyard.

He learns that his neighbors are Eric and Annie, and that Eric is a scientist. Eric owns Cosmos, the most powerful computer in the world that can open up real portals to outer space. One day, however, whilst doodling and daydreaming about Cosmos, his teacher, Dr. G. Reeper, sees the drawings of Cosmos, and starts asking suspicious questions about the computer.

This is a children’s novel written by Lucy Hawking & Stephen Hawking, is designed to make the field of theoretical physics concepts interesting and understandable to young readers.

The story is the guise of a space adventure involving the solar system, galaxies, black holes, asteroids among other things. But the story is not merely an adventure. The adventure provides a juncture and a context to bring in all the science.

The book is really good; it has interesting characters and lots of science facts that help make interesting and intriguing the whole story. I think the book it is a good introduction to science for anybody who wants to learn a bit but don’t want to go thought a complex physics book.

Sometimes isn’t easy to presents complicated scientific ideas in a way that children can understand and that is something Lucy and Stephen did quite well.

I really enjoyed the reading.


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