New Super Mario Bros Wii

I am a massive fan of Mario Bros, right now I can say my favorite version of Mario is New Super Mario Bros Wii and Nintendo DS New Super Mario Bros and if I had to choose one of the olds versions I’ll definitely pick Super Mario 3.

What I love the most of New Super Mario Wii is how they keep it old school but at the same time it feels like is something new, if that makes any sense. They always tend to reutilize the basic concept from the original game and without going too far to change the story line they manage themselves to distinguish this and every version from the priors.

In this new version we’ve new power-ups like the penguin suit and the helicopter suit besides all other Mario’s power-ups and abilities we know, even Yoshi makes occasional appearances in a few levels and as previous Super Mario games we have pipes, hidden blocks and there are plenty of secret areas to be found, each level features stars and red coins to collect.

Collected stars coins can be used to unlock bonus movies which shown where hidden areas can be found, speeds runs and more. A highly important thing about the stars is, you’ll need start coins to access a secret area which is only unlock after you complete the game.

The start of the game is soft and easy but things get more difficult by the start of the second world and that’s challenging.

Another new feature is something called the super guide. It will guide you to pass sections you find tough and is activated as an option once you lose eight lives in any level. If you use the guide, a computer controlled Luigi will run through the entirely level for you. But that will be like skipping the fun so it will be better if you figure out the best way to go through a level on your own.

Perhaps, the biggest new feature is the multiplayer mode; the ability for four people to play the game at once; players can take on the role of Mario, Luigi and two toads, even when they are different character they all share the same abilities.

Playing multiplayer mode can be fun, it promotes cooperation and it will be helpful to bounce on other characters to get some power-ups, points or else; but in the other hand this mode is a bit frustrating and chaotic, I’m sure it can provide plenty of laughs as long as you’re not actually serious about quickly reaching the end of the level, It will be a little tedious to make it through a world.

Rather than fun can be stressful, because it can become a battle field, everybody will be after the same goals (coins, stars, power-ups), so try to play with equally skilled players or you’ll risk alienating others.

If you prefer to play in single-player mode there’s plenty to do, you’ll enjoy it.

The overall experience is fantastic, providing some worthwhile fun for groups or solo players alike.

So far this is the most challenging game in the series, it is brilliant!. Whatever experience you had in previous Super Mario offerings it will exceed it on all fronts, more levels, more refined and more of a challenge.

The game can be played with the wiimote sideways and has a distinctive collection of nostalgic sounds, music and noises from previous games.

This is what some kind of a vintage game with new touches.

One Response to “New Super Mario Bros Wii”
  1. nucity says:

    Good review of the game. I agree with you, also I did not know about the secret area after completing the game. Thanks!

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