Brave – Pixar Animation Studios

I must say that it wasn’t what I was expecting; I was actually waiting for the predictable story of a young princess who doesn’t want to get marry with prince whoever to maintain peace and join houses with another clan, etc… The plot turns out to be quite a bit different and I was pleased with that.

Brave isn’t a master piece like some other pixar’s movies like Wall-e, Up, Nemo, etc. But it is a well told character story, there are plenty of thing that I appreciate about it. I liked the central context, because it wasn’t about a girl and a boy, it is about a mother and her daughter and it was lovely because it moves away of that boy and girl cliché territory.

By pixar’s standards there is one cliché that it seems to be always present, why there is always have to be a witch?

Although it was not as emotionally engaging as some other pixar’s movies, still a great story about a mother/daughter relationship and it taught us to balance freedom and the importance of duty.

It was good, I’m sure kids are going to love it and others are going to enjoy it.

Something I found interesting was the fact they actually did a really good job with the trailer, it was well put out without spoiling the plot and I don’t want to spoil it, so if you haven’t seen the movie do not read the next short paragraph.

First the witch; even though it is a common cliché to have a witch in a pixar movie, I liked because this time it was not an evil one and she didn’t have any sinister plans to get advantage of princess Merida. Now about Merida wanting to “change” her destiny with a spell, it was also good because this time the character didn’t actually changed at all, it had effect in somebody else in the most unexpected way.


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