When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit – Judith Kerr

Anna was only nine years old in 1933, too busy to take much notice of Adolf Hitler’s face glaring out of political posters all over Berlin. But then one day her father who was a famous author and Jewish descent was unaccountably, frighteningly missing. Soon after, she and her brother, Max, were hurried out of Germany by their mother with alarming secrecy. Reunited in Switzerland, Anna and her family embark on an adventure that would go on for years, in several different countries.

I’ve read a lot about World War II and Holocaust, but never something form the point of view of a refugee, who avoided Nazism from the very beginning. I think this is one of those stories rarely told about the period preceding WWII.

Funny thing to have a title that has the words “Pink” and “Rabbit” and it ends up having to do with the Nazis.

This book is a personal account of a family’s flight from Nazi Germany to Switzerland, lived through the eyes of Anna (Kerr’s in the novel). This story did not provide a lot of information about Hitler Nazi Germany; the story highlights the way that a child affected by the war perceives her life and events taking place around her.

The story starts off quickly and to the point, it is beautifully written. It introduce us an optimistic view of their refugee experiences form the point of view of an adventurous, innocent and naive child.  It was interesting to see the main character struggled to understand what was going on around her.

Even when we “saw” her grow a bit through the story, I felt that Anna never really grew, she saw everything rather naively.

It was a very nice read. It would be a nice entry book about WWII for young readers.


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