Video Games, Stupid?

Today I was playing New Super Mario Wii to entertain myself a bit and suddenly my dad told me – That’s a really stupid game –.  The truth is, he never got into video games and he is not the only one who thinks video games are sometimes stupid and a prominent waste of time.

The thing is Video Games are pretty much like everything else. For example food, people just don’t despise “food”, they have their preferences according with what they like and even if you are the pickiest person on earth, eventually you will find something you like to eat.

I’m not a big gamer but I do enjoy playing some video games. I’m not a massive fan of games like Modern warfare, God of war or else. I’m not really up to shutting people in a chaotic war scenario; I rather prefer to shut fireballs, ride dinosaurs, collect stars and coins.

That doesn’t mean I’m not able to see objectively why those games are good and as a matter of fact I do, games like God of War are also good, I just don’t play them because is not the type of game that interest me.

If you are one of does person who despise video games, I think you should check out some, there must be something out there you like, after all the world of video games is massive!.


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