Olympic Nationalism

I am not the most athletic person but I do like to exercise myself. When it comes to watch sports events through TV I present a lack of interest and I get bored easily.

Lately I’ve been seeing many Olympics events and I’m always thrill with the atmosphere you can experience when you are watching some match/event with a few people; apparently everyone start invoking their sense of nationalism, patriotism and pride for their team/country they’re supporting.

I’m not a nationalistic person and it is wired to find myself going for more than a polite appreciation comment/cheering, I always been like that.

I was having a talk with a collage mate and he was so surprise because I wasn’t rooting for our local athletes. I can’t support a team just because they happened to be representing the country.

I think there is nothing wrong with a bit of modest patriotism and being proud. It’s just that nationalism isn’t an attitude I would expect myself to have and it pretty much apply to everything; I find ridiculous when people think of you as some kind of deserter just because you’re rooting for some other country that isn’t yours.

I do respect all our local athletes and as everyone I think they’re doing their best, but I can’t be cheerful for something just for the sake of it or because it supposed to be like that.

Have you been watching the Olympics?, what country have you been supporting?, wave you been supporting for your own country?.

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