The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll,  wishes to explore the nature of Man, and through a potion he concocts he is able to transform himself from a man who is knowledgeable and conscientious, able to consciously steer himself away from evil, into a man who personifies all the dark and deviant things that man holds locked away in his mind and soul.

Jekyll and Hyde is one of those stories that everyone ‘knows‘ but very few people actually have read. It is a classic horror tale of a good man exploring his dark side.

Smart and well-written, a great piece, especially for its time. The age of the language use gives it authentic flavor.

I see it as some kind of morality play; again lays out the truth that there is light and darkness in everyone and we must embrace and be able to battle between them. Among other lessons, this novel teaches us the dangers of giving into temptation.

It isn’t my particular cup of tea in terms of eagerness, but it worth the reading. It made me think, how hard it can be to deny ourselves pleasure?, even when we are sure it will ruin us?.


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