Donkey Kong Returns Wii

I really like the main reason of this game, because instead of setting out to save the world or rescuing a damsel in distress, Donkey Kong intent on getting back his stolen bananas.

Donkey Kong’s adventure takes him through a series of locales that recall the classic environments of Donkey Kong Country; the game has eight environments (jungle, beach, ruins, cave, forest, cliff, factory and volcano).

Aside the new maneuvers (a ground pound, a sharp exhalation to spin pinwheels, put out candles, remove petals from dandelions and a rolling move with shaking motions), it’s basically the same idea as the SNES games; jumping and running through platforming challenges, picking up hidden items and more.

This is another game you can play with the remote sideways providing you the feel of a classic controller.

This game is surprisingly difficult, it has quite a clever level design and the real joy in this game stems from navigating these deviously constructed levels. I’m pretty confident you’ll die on more levels than you’ll get through the first time; the game is filled with lots of tricky timed jumps, devious enemy placements, and needle-threading segments that require you to roll or use the thrusters on a barrel rocket with total precision, so do not take jumps for granted because things are rarely as easy as they initially appear, in fact I dare to say you will need or will be of help if you use your companion Diddy Kong (Diddy clings to Donkey Kong’s back) acting as a power-up if you’re playing in single player.

Now, making it to the end of a level is just part of the challenge, the real deal is to catch all of the collectibles along the level. Donkey Kong will be trying to find balloons, his precious bananas of course, banana coins, puzzle pieces and K-O-N-G tiles stashed in every level. You can use the banana coins to buy some power-ups at Cranky Kong’s Shop, like a key that will unlock a hidden path, extra lives, a parrot that will point out hidden puzzle pieces and some other power-ups.

The Super Guide

Allow players to give up after eight lives and see a recorded playthrough of a level.

Apart from the rolling command where you have to shake the control to perform it and it seems to never be precise enough in some situations from my point of view, I really enjoyed the game; it is basically values using new school techniques, well done.

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