Hiatus Explanation

I apologize for my lack of recent blog posts, to myself and to anyone out there who reads me.

Long story short, I had an operation several weeks ago, followed by a long and a bit complicated recovery, but I’m back on my feet, that and some traveling, moving, reorganizing, among other things.

I am few pounds lighter, but none the worse for wear. Also due to my family history of diabetes and some symptoms that according to my doctor I have to pay attention, I should be tested for pre-diabetes, it looks like it could be ringing my doorbell a little bit early, but nonetheless, carry on as normal, folks.

It is all we can do.

P.D. As usual, every time I move out, I end up bookless.

5 Responses to “Hiatus Explanation”
  1. nucity says:

    Glad to hear your alright. I’ve some books to give away! Are you interested?. Do you have a P.O.B?.

  2. Dante says:

    Best wishes!. Ouch is right!. I could send you a few books too if you like, lots to share here!, if you don’t mind second-hand copies like me. Where can I send you some books?, let me know.

  3. Marina Scott says:

    Diabetes symptoms are often subtle, tell me about it. Thanks for the update, glad you came through OK. I want to hear what you have to say about Doctor Who season 7!

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