Doctor Who S07E01 Asylum of the Daleks

The Doctor is back!, I know I’m a bit late but still excited about it.

This episode is full of surprises.

Amy and Rory are getting a divorce, it felt weird because we’ve seen them go through a lot together and makes us wonder, what happened to them so they could have reached this point?.

Oswin.-  And finally we had the introduction of the new Doctor’s companion, I don’t like or dislike shuffle girl yet, I need to see more of her but the thing is it will be quite tough to see Amy and Rory go, they are by far my favorite companions. Even when it is usual to the Doctor to “regenerate” his companions (I mean they are always coming and going), I think people always tend to compare the last one with the new one, even when they are completely different persons.

Anyway after really get to know shuffle girl better (it will take you by surprise) you might think, how are they possibly going to get out of that one?, I’m confident they will turn out with something marvelous at some point or whenever she becomes a regular companion.

By the way the question “who loves the other person more?” has become a little overdone in the Amy and Rory relationship, we know Amy is moody, fickle and sometimes ungrateful, it looks like she doesn’t appreciate how hard Roy works to give her life meaning, and Rory what can we say, he’s a worthy paragon that we all like, quite a wonderful person.

I don’t want to spoil so much; you really need to see the episode. It was great, I’m eager to rewatch it and of course interested to see what happens next.

So far by the end of the episode, many things changed and that could bring us some fascinating storytelling in episodes to come.

Just as the last season ended with the question “Doctor Who?” so too does this episode, with the additional joke from the Doctor “You’ll never stop asking”.

Do you have a theory about how Oswin will become the Doctor’s new companion?

What did you think of Asylum of the Daleks?.


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