Life is so much more interesting inside my head

My life is so much more interesting inside my head. This is one of my favorite images, it was taken and edited by Joel Robison. Advertisements

Olympic Nationalism

I am not the most athletic person but I do like to exercise myself. When it comes to watch sports events through TV I present a lack of interest and I get bored easily. Lately I’ve been seeing many Olympics events and I’m always thrill with the atmosphere you can experience when you are watching some … Continue reading

The Cigarette Game

This is a non-commercial project inspired on cigarettes and video games. It is very-well designed, an audacious idea with a really good message towards smokers.  I reckon this is a bit funny but morbid at the same time, I mean consuming the whole cigarette could lead to cancer, respiratory diseases among others. Personally I don’t … Continue reading

Pixar Post Office Stamps

I love Pixar! and who doesn’t?. They are amazing storytellers above anything else, they always make us happy. Today I just want to share this subject with you, Pixar Stamps!. Some of Pixar’s classics have been given their own post office stamps and that’s quite an achievement for an animation studio. I would like to … Continue reading

Killing Jedi For Food?.

A friend sent me this picture. I like it!

Worst Superheroes

Everybody knows all the good superheroes, but what about the other guys, the “not so popular”. There are so many, but I choose a few and believe me I have no clue why they were actually created. No everything in the superheroes world is cool. Matter-Eater Lad Whenever you decide to complain about your name, … Continue reading

Commercials at Movie Theatres

I hate commercial ads at movie theaters, I find it offensive to pay for a ticket and then have to sit through an endless string of commercials, it degrades the movie going experience, is even worse if you pay for a premium ticket. I really find it excruciating, do they have to be so long?, … Continue reading

Green Lantern or Pink Lantern? Who cares!

A few days ago a friend told me that DC Comics Green Lantern superhero happen to be gay. I don’t question the character identity; I mean he can go to the bottom of the ocean with aquaman if he pleases; he can become Pink Lantern if he chooses.  What I find quite confusing is why now?, … Continue reading