Doctor Who S07E01 Asylum of the Daleks

The Doctor is back!, I know I’m a bit late but still excited about it. This episode is full of surprises. Amy and Rory are getting a divorce, it felt weird because we’ve seen them go through a lot together and makes us wonder, what happened to them so they could have reached this point?. … Continue reading

Dexter Season 7 New Teaser – The Last Piece

For does who like Showtime tv show Dexter, you might know seventh season is getting closer, yesterday I saw another preview for the forthcoming season and I thought this is going to be interesting. If you watched last season probably you remembered the final scene when Deb discovered Dexter’s little secret. Basically the promo strings … Continue reading

Sherlock – TV Show

The classic Sherlock Holmes stories set in a modern-day London?; that’s what I call a huge risk, but as we can see was a really smart move because has been quite successful, I think this  success response to the adaptation of the stories to fit in this setting without losing the original integrity. This time … Continue reading

Doctor Who

I’ve seen a few random Doctor Who episodes in the past, but last month I decided to start to watch the show from the beginning. So even though Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction show on tv; if you are a new fan this is a bit of what you need to know … Continue reading

Game Of Thrones: Valar Morghulis S2E10

So let’s see. Tyrion Lannister is no longer the hand of the king and has been disrespected by his family; the Lannisters are in power at King’s Landing more than ever, Arya is on the run again with her friends trying to reunite with her family, Daenerys is wandering around as usual searching for her … Continue reading

Test II

Game Of Thrones: The Prince of Winterfell S02E08

The episode started with Theon awaiting for his sister at the gates of Winterfell feeling brave, almost as a conqueror, but all his fake glory fades away when his sister and her men passed next to him riding looking for everything but to talk to Theon; while they’re having a feast Theon confronts his sister … Continue reading